On this winter day ...

I woke up, had my ritual morning coffee (today called for two cups), watched my SUPER corny morning shows, and got ready for my day. It was a tights and plaid kinda day.

While couching--that's what sitting on the couch is called, obviously--I ate too many tons of these. I really can never get enough. It's a sickness probably. Hershey makes magic with toffee and chocolate.

Went to sister's house and per usual, made silly faces with the littles. It's tradition.

Hunter adores his cousins. It is seriously the most precious thing I've ever seen in this lifetime. He is so calm and gentle with them and loves to give them sweet kisses. And they soak up the love. Let's be honest though, they love him just as much.

I left Jen's for Walmart which is my least favorite place on planet Earth. But I was on this scenic drive which is really the only thing that saved it. Oh, and the pleated dress I bought. That was a definite highlight.

Went back to Jen's and spent some time with a few nieces of mine. Can you find the child that likes to dress herself?

Molly enjoys Zoe's misery. It's a sister thing, I think.

I have one niece that zones in on candy and likes to do whatever she can to get it. Steal it, butter up to you, whatever works, she'll do. Snot nose and all, here she is suddenly loooooving Auntie Katie. I think Tess takes after her mother when it comes to M&M's. Just sayin'.

And while one baby was screaming, the other fidgety, another stealing, and another talking and singing to herself, this sweet boy just couldn't stand waiting for Grandmom and Granddad to arrive. Oh, the excitement!

It was a good day indeed.

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