Let's go back, shall we?

It started here. We did, I mean. He was in scenic Iraq.
And he operated one of these.
 And looked so good doing it. :)
We started dating then. 
He came back for his mid tour leave to be in his brother's wedding.
Since we was in Iraq for his 21st, I planned him a surprise birthday party.
We visited back and forth. Me going to Texas, him to California.
We cherished our time together. It was never long enough.
And on one special visit, THIS happened!
While he was away, I was busy finding a dress and deciding on this venue.
He said goodbye to the Army several months before we tied the knot.
We found a photographer who captured our engagement perfectly. :)

Finally it was time to rehearse the wedding.
July 24 was finally here!
Finally our year and a half engagement ended.
Walking towards him was the best thing I ever did.
Kissing him is still my favorite.
We honeymooned in San Diego.
Went to the Zoo, Sea World, among other things...

And then went directly to Texas.
We spent the holidays away from family which was hard.
But enjoyed making our own traditions.
We got out first pup together. Essentially, we had a child.
But decided, this girl was a better fit for us.
We enjoyed exploring Dallas,
visiting memorials
and getting my first tattoo with him by my side, holding my hand.
But we decided family was most important and moved back to California.
You just can't beat this scenery. 
We made it just in time for this! 
Twins! He will be such a great daddy.
Four years later and a year and a half of marriage under our belt, we've become the perfect little family.

I love our story. 

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