10 things

1. The feeling of getting off work. FREEDOM!
2. Husband buying me a tri-trip sandwich when I'm off work. De. Lish.
3. Waking up in the morning to this note.
4. Listening to Ainsley tell Husband, "Are you EVER going to give me hug?" And watching her give the biggest bear hug. Seriously the cutest.
5. The smell of our REAL Christmas tree. Fake trees don't have a smell. 
6. The perfect blush. It really can brighten my day.
7. Ordering our first ever Christmas pictures! We're such adults.
8. Babies comes Monday. So so excited! AND I get to be in the room. I just may pass out but still so excited to be with her.
9. Ugly dance moves with Husband. Apparently my legs are capable of strange strange things.
10. Twinkle lights everywhere!

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