Transitions are hard. Change is not something I love. We've been in Fresno for almost a month now. We've settled in. The house is finally box free, cable/internet/power have all been set up, I've been placed in a store. We're comfortable. And yet I'm not in a comfortable place. We've been here long enough for it to feel like we live here but not enough to feel grounded. I officially start at my store tomorrow which is ALWAYS an unwelcome feeling. I don't like being the new girl. It makes me feel like I started yesterday. Hate it. Thomas longs to find a purpose here. In Dallas, if he didn't go to work, no one could do their job. If he stopped, work stopped. And sometimes that was stressful but he felt important. He was needed. And he doesn't feel that yet. I want to really know my church and be a part of its community. We're lucky to have one here. One that fulfills our needs and helps us grow. But it takes time to really feel connected.

I knew life would feel like this well before we moved. It's just how I am. Change is tough for me. Being introverted doesn't help with that. Thomas has been so good. He's reassuring and reminds me every day that it takes time. This is a normal feeling and soon I will thrive here. Two months from now will feel completely different. 

So I wait and use this as an opportunity to stretch myself. 

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