I can't think of a good title so I'm not gonna

Sometimes I like looking at old pictures of him in Iraq. It makes me sad, proud, glad, and everything in between. And then I look at him now. Napping on the couch...plaid shirt, striped underpants, mouth open and snoring away, and I still feel all those same things. Though not really sad. Just proud and glad and everything in between. 
I came home from work today and these were on the counter with the cutest little card you've ever seen.

Oh how I love hiiiiiim :)

In other news, my current Anthropologie favs:
How badly I just wanna cuddle up with a good book in this chair.
Would kill for a set. Already envisioning my table setting.
And one of these please.
Bring on Fall!!! And 400 buckaroos.
Someone could gift this to me and that'd be fine.

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