Date with a redneck and a soccer mom

Last night was date night. We went to dinner at Romano's, where we had our engagement dinner at. It was so good to reminisce and look back at our relationship. How far we've come!
{outside the restaurant}
We intended to go see a movie after but it was packed. Trying to think of something a little less traditional for us to do we headed towards Dallas. Suddenly I had an idea. Too much info? Probably....strip Go Fish in a crazy ensemble. So we went to Wal Mart and had to pick out something for the other. We had 20 minutes to find the outfit, buy it and meet at the front of the store. I could see his head bobbing in and out of the frumpy old women nighties. Oh geez. We checked out and headed home. We traded bags and had to put everything on and then show the hideousness. This is what I was lucky enough to wear...
{We often make fun of the hick women that wear this in Wal Mart. And now I'm wearing it}
Flounder t-shirt, flower pants, and a Dora the Explorer hat. Sexy.
I got this little number for him.
{It's unfortunate that you can't see the whole thing. Short little shorts, hat, suspenders, "Check Out These Guns" shirt...}
In the middle of all of this it's 85+ degrees outside. Which normally would be divine. That is, if your AC works. Ours, however does not. While in Wal Mart we had picked up a portable AC and found it necessary to put it together immediately. In our outfits, of course.
We had no energy after that so we didn't play the game. But it didn't matter. We still had so much fun. Mixed drinks, tons of laughter, and good company all made this such a great night.
{How I love him so}

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