32 Reasons Why I Love Thomas

1. He vocalizes how much he loves me. And often. 2. He wakes me up with coffee every morning. 3. And sometimes, the coffee will be accompanied by flowers. 4. He puts his own needs aside in order to meet mine. 5. He'll randomly surprise me with something. His dates are particularly my favorite. 6. He loves my family like his own and makes it a point to spend time with them. 7. He is one of the most generous people I know. 8. He'll send me stuff in the mail without my knowing. He calls them "I love you" gifts. A cashmere scarf, a box of Red Bulls, 2 dozen red roses, the movie PS: I Love You. 9. He's a man's man and can still the most sensitive person ever. 10. He gives me his whole self and requires that I do the same. 11. He embraces my flaws. He not only deals with them, but loves them. 12. He can still be everything I need, even from Iraq. 13. He desires to know my friends. 14. I can be silly with him. And he can be silly with me. 15. I can't get away with anything. 16. His "hee haw" will improve any mood I'm in. 17. He longs for me to pursue my dreams and figures out the best possible way to do that. 18. He longs for a heart like Christ. 19. He's willing to make me angry in order to tell me what I need to hear. 20. He constantly wants to spend time with me. 21. He lets me love him in my own way. 22. He understands what it really means when I say "I'm fine," "It's no big deal," "Nothing" or when I suddenly get quiet. 23. He and his family have welcomed me as one of their own. 24. Jeans. 25. I can do anything and he will still love me. 26. He needs me just as much as I need him. 27. He's one of the best listeners I know. 28. He's incredibly romantic. 29. He makes being away from him possible. Not easy, but definitely worth it. 30. He doesn't dwell on anything. 31. He barely sees my flaws. 32. When I start to pull away from him, he pulls me right back towards him.

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